Mermen Surf Music Band

Krill Slippin

Krill Slippin


Jim Thomas, guitar
Allen Whitman, bass
Martyn Jones, drums

Released: 1989
Produced by Jim Thomas
Executive Producer: Karen "Moonbeam" Brennan
Recorded by David Denny


"Great surf instrumental sounds...not only do they capture the spirit and feel of the legendary Dick Dale, they add a slightly more original and diverse twist to this genre. A sheer delight throughout."

--Mick Skidmore, Relix Magazine

"A surplus of particularly high quality musicianship. Guitarist Jim Thomas is skillful and inventive enough to lead the in-synch rhythm section through instrumental after glorious instrumental...The Mermen's brand of cool, sexy surf instrumentals may be just what the doctor ordered...the epitome of sexy surf music."

--Steve Solder, BAM Magazine

"...The music is California Dreaming, riding...visions of joy. A cooling spray. The salty sea combines with electricity and breathes a beautiful muse from a seashell."

--Sound Choice Magazine

"Transcendental power...New Wave surf musicians...hardcore surf music."

--San Francisco Examiner

"Catchy tunes, full of vitality and refreshing originality. Instrumentals of quality, well-played..."

--Pipeline Magazine

"Really something superb. Great to hear a different sound, but one that doesn't stray far from surf roots. Four stars."

--Davey Peckett, New Gandy Dancer

"...With a modern approach, the trio have captured a nice nineties sound with clean guitar lines and some REAL drumming. Highly recommended."

--California Music

"...A wet but not watered down modern surf sound...melodic images of enchanted surfscapes with tunes like 'Over the Falls, 'Neptune's Revenge' and 'Big Day at the Bay. One of the greatest shows on earth in '91...A power surf trio if there ever was one."

--Brian Brannon, Thrasher Magazine

"Krill Slippin' was the first album project by the San Francisco Bay area surf group The Mermen, and features dual guitar parts and lush reverbs in a modern update of traditional surf rock. The opening track "Ocean Beach" starts the CD off with a bang, while other highlights such as "Big Day At The Bay" and "Neptune's Revenge" portend to some ot the great Mermen music that would follow on later albums. Dark and ominous tracks such as "The Whales" give a different flavor to the material, but guitar fans will love the tone and twang emanating from the riffs delivered from Jim Thomas' axe. Overall, well-crafted, yet minimalistic arrangements that compliment the Mermen's other recorded material quite nicely."

--Guitar 9

"...I highly recommend it to anyone interested in surf instrumentals."

--Robert Dalley, author, Surfin' Guitars

"Full of vitality and refreshing originality."

--Alan Taylor, Pipeline Magazine

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